How [It] Works: Adult Resilience

The How [it] Works program uses a blend of Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and the latest ideas from Neuroscience. The program guides people in the building of practical skills for handling difficult emotions and thoughts (the two things that cause us most problems).




We use a simple model for explaining the programs underlying philosophy:



  • Our current available wisdom is equal to our current understanding of any skill/concept plus our ability to apply that understanding to our life situations.


  • In short: Wisdom = Understanding + Application


  • W = U + A



For example, we may know the theory that building Trust is the key to successful relationships. However, we may not be able to apply that to our day to day life –for whatever reason. Therefore, we don’t build successful relationship even though we know what we are supposed to do.




In such a way How [it] Works explores our current understandings and application of various topics of wellbeing against the current best practice. such as listening, dealing with difficult emotions, working successfully with thoughts, cultivating gratitude and other strengths, building habits, when to use self-compassion and forgiveness, and growing a growth mindset.




The program is largely ‘hands on’ – we aim is to spend 30% of the time clarifying understanding of the topics and 70% of the time working with the material. It can be a trap to spend too much time on moving mental ideas around and not focusing on practicing and applying the ideas to our life.




By the end of this program we would hope for you to have a much clearer understanding of how these various wellbeing practices work, and that you have a much greater capacity to apply these ideas to your day to day life experiences.