Journey to the Island of Calm

Journey to the Island of Calm


The Journey to the Island of Calm is a Social and Emotional Learning program for upper primary aged children – ages 9 –11. The metaphor of a Journey is used to speak of growth through adversity.

The program takes children on a journey as a ship’s captain. Each week on their Journey to the Island of Calm they face an adversity which requires ‘social and/or emotional skills’ to meet the needs of the challenge. The program begins with children choosing their crew – representing various common emotions which are likely to arise when faced with challenges with which we don’t yet have the skills to navigate. Children are taken through the skills of mindful attention training (inner radar), deep breathing, balancing the body, relaxing thoughts, problem solving, gratitude, optimism and growth mindset. This is all set on the foundation of belonging to the larger ‘crew’ of the entire class.

Metaphors, keeping a captain’s log, very practical and easily practiced activities make this a very engaging and memorable young persons’ social and emotional learning program.

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