Training and Professional Development

Training and Professional Development

To achieve our aims, the Trust offers a number of training and professional development options for teachers, schools and community groups. We believe in using proven programs to empower the communities in which we work. The Trust’s highly-skilled and experienced trainers are accredited to deliver a range of cutting-edge professional development courses. In addition, we can provide ongoing mentoring, support and evaluation to ensure that our stakeholders are gaining the optimal benefits of social and emotional learning.




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If you would like to arrange a bespoke training or mentoring package, please contact us by phone or email to arrange a consultation with one of our staff. We are able to tailor training packages to suit the needs of our clients.



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What is Social and Emotional Learning?

  • Various terms are used to describe Social and Emotional Learning including: personal and social development, emotional literacy, emotional intelligence, social and emotional competence and social, emotional and behavioural skills.
  • Social and emotional learning is a process for helping students develop the knowledge, understandings and skills that support learning, positive behaviour and constructive social relationships.
  • Social and emotional learning is an approach that teaches students to recognise, regulate and express the social and emotional aspects of their lives so they can operate successfully in the world and manage life tasks.
  • To operate successfully in the social world, students must build knowledge and understanding of their identity, how relationships are developed and the impact of social contexts on their decision making and behaviour.